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    Step 1

    Take clear photos on all sides, interior, edges and corners, handle, strap, hardware, and other accessories.

    Step 2

    Send us the photos and description via WhatsApp.

    Step 3

    Completed! We will reply soon for quote and booking.

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    Sell to us in 3 simple ways


    Eco Ring in-store service
    1. Step 1: Get an early quotation by WhatsApp and fill out our courier pick-up service from.

    2. Step 2: After you have completed and submitted the courier pick-up form, you can choose the one of the following methods to arrange delivery:

      (A)We will send you the cartons (it takes about 1 to 2 working days), and after you finish packaging the items, we will arrange for courier pick-up; or

      (B)The courier company will visit during the arranged delivery time with cartons, and your item will be packed immediately and taken away.

      After we receive your application, we will send you the service number via WhatsApp and arrange for the courier company (SF Express) to come and collect your items according to the scheduled delivery date.

      *To ensure the packaging is intact, please do not damage the carton or reuse the sealing tape.

    3. Step 3: Once we receive the items, we will confirm with you via WhatsApp. Our professional appraisers will evaluate and authenticate your items based on their actual condition and status, then offer the final quotation and explain the reasons.

      Please reply to us within 2 business days after receiving our message: a) sell; b) return; c) partially sell and partially return; d) discard.

      *If you opt to b) return or c) partially return, the goods will be sent back to the delivery address on the application form on the same day or within the next working day without any storage.

      **Please make sure the return package can be received at the pick-up address. We are not responsible for the risk or possible loss during the return delivery.

    4. Step 4: If you choose to sell, we will deposit the amount via bank transfer within two working days. Please provide the deposit account when accepting the final quotation.

      *The transfer account holder's name needs to match with the registered member information.

    • ※Suitable for customers who cannot make time to visit.

    • ※Any a) precious metal, b) gemstone, c) jewellery or watch composed of any precious metal or gemstone, or both; and the total purchase amount is HKD 120,000 or more, the payment must be made by FPS.

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