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    Step 1

    Take clear photos on all sides, interior, edges and corners, handle, strap, hardware, and other accessories.

    Step 2

    Send us the photos and description via WhatsApp.

    Step 3

    Completed! We will reply soon for quote and booking.

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    Sell to us in 3 simple ways


    Eco Ring in-store service
    1. Step 1: No appointment is required. Visit any Eco Ring store with your items. (You can also get early quotes over WhatsApp in advance to reduce the waiting time.)

    2. Step 2: Our professional appraisers will evaluate and authenticate your items based on their actual condition and status, then offer the final quotation and explain the reasons. (No additional charge for the quote.)

    3. Step 3: The transaction will be established right away if the customer is happy with the quotation. You can choose to receive cash on site or by bank transfer.

    • ※Suitable for first time customers. Our staff will guide you through the process in detail.

    • ※No appointment is required. Flexible time.

    • ※Any a) precious metal, b) gemstone, c) jewellery or watch composed of any precious metal or gemstone, or both; and the total purchase amount is HKD 120,000 or more, the payment must be made by FPS.

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