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    Eco Ring item purchasing categories

    The broadest luxury item purchasing categories in Hong Kong

    One may argue that we purchase the widest variety and highest quality products in Hong Kong.

    • Category: From handbags, watches, jewellery, precious metals, to clothing, shoes, clothing accessories, fine furnishings, luxury lighters, luxury pens, electronic products, etc.

    • Brand: Whether it is the most high-end brands such, or other miner luxury brands, We will still purchase them.

    • Condition: As long as the item is not damaged to the point of being unusable and still has value, we will purchase it regardless of its old or new condition.

    ※Eco Ring HK reserves the right to make decisions of transaction. If the items do not reach our standard, we may not provide any purchase services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff.

    Japanese-level appraisers provide the highest value purchases

    Our appraiser training system and purchase services strictly follow the standards of the Japanese headquarters, providing customers with Japanese-level safe and secure purchase services. With more than 20 years of experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the global second-hand luxury market. We provide the highest value for your pre-loved items.

    Eco Ring profession appraisers
    Instant cash for purchasing

    Free quotation in 3 easy steps and Instant cash

    We provide 3 simple ways to sell your pre-loved goods:

    You can choose appropriate services based on your own needs. You can also get early quotes over WhatsApp in advance to reduce the waiting time.

    If you are happy with our deals, transactions will be established right away and you can choose to receive cash on site or by bank transfer.

    ※Any a) precious metal, b) gemstone, c) jewellery or watch composed of any precious metal or gemstone, or both; and the total purchase amount is HKD 120,000 or more, the payment must be made by FPS.

    Join our membership and get your rewards

    We launch different limited-time offers every month. After a successful transaction, you will become our member, and you can enjoy cashback on the next purchase. We also pay for the first hour of parking fees after a successful transaction.

    Reward for purchasing