The United Nation established 17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs”) in order to build a sustainable developing world in 2015.

In order to let the earth have a better future, governments, organizations and every one in the world need to work together by following the 17 goals as the index of action.

Eco Ring group have a strong feeling towards the concept of SDGs and would like to contribute to the goal through daily operation and social activities.

Eco Ring mainly focus on solving (1) environmental problem (especially disposal) and (2) poverty (differentiation in living).  The conept of Eco Ring business is "REUSE".  We are always thinking of how to solve the above problems by our business.  The answer is to compress heavy production and heavy consumption, reducing the social opposition in order to contribute.

How to do?
Eco Ring makes use of the advantage of the network.  To sell the purchased pre-owned items according to the condition and the demand of the second hand market etc. to those needed.


What is B-Corp?

B-Corp is a certification system established by a non-profits making organization B-Lab from Pennsylvania in the U.S..  Points are given by the influence and responsibility of governance、environment、community、customers、workers.

If the company reaches the standards set by B-Lab, B-Corp certification is given.

Company is no longer judged by the economic value, but also the social value.  Making effort in solving the social problems by operation is the significance of existence of companies today

The well-known B-Corp companies are Body Shop、Chloe、illy、Patagonia etc.,Eco Ring is pleased to be one of the B-Corp company and make effort in building a better world together!​