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    In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is hoped that governments, businesses, and everyone in the world will use the 17 Goals as action indicators and work together to build a lasting world where no one will be left behind.

    We have a strong feeling towards the concept of SDGs and would like to contribute to the goal through our operation and activities.

    Eco Ring's thoughts about CSR

    Numerous social issues have arisen as a result of the modern world's rapid development, chief among them being the waste, harm to the environment, and poverty brought about by the mass manufacturing and consumption of fast fashion.

    One of our operating concepts is "Reuse". We hope to reduce the waste of resources and help reallocate these resources to contribute to society.

    How do we do it?

    With the advantage of Eco Ring network, we can sell and donate the pre-owned goods to those in need based on their condition and the market demand.

    Eco Ring connecting reuse and happiness


    What is B-Corp?

    B-Corp is an international certification established in 2006 by B-Lab Global, a non-profit group based in Pennsylvania, USA. Through standard scoring of governance, environment, community, consumers, employees, and responsibility, they encourage “corporate business activities to become an inspiration for positive impact on society and the environment.”

    Through B-Corp certification, companies will no longer be judged based on economic benefits alone, but will build a more inclusive and sustainable business model with social value, help solve social problems, and become a "good company for the world."

    In 2021, Eco Ring attained B-Corp certification and are honoured to be a part of the company that contributes to the environment and society.

    The well-known companies such as Body Shop, Chloe, illy, Patagonia, are also attained B-Corp certification. We are pleased to be one of the B-Corp companies and make an effort in building a better world together!

    Eco Ring B-corp logo