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    Egashira CEO of Eco Ring Hong Kong Limited

    Eco Ring enters Hong Kong

    When we first entered Hong Kong, we discovered that the second-hand brand industry in Hong Kong had a lot of untapped potential. Many clients express that most of the luxury goods are unable to be sold in the Hong Kong second-hand luxury industry.

    Therefore, we want to help our clients by expanding our purchasing services. We launch our purchase services from our Japanese headquarters, providing the most extensive range of luxury items in Hong Kong, so our clients can have additional options to sell their luxury goods.

    Egashira - CEO of Eco Ring Hong Kong Limited

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    Eco Ring HK purchase store

    Eco Ring HK's purchase service expansion

    We launched our first retail location in Tai Hang in 2015.

    Utilizing many years of experience in Japan, we implement the concept of "we will buy it as long as it can be reused" in Hong Kong, and introduce more convenient and expert Japanese-standard purchase services. It was the first Japanese company in Hong Kong "buy everything".

    As of 2024, we already have 5 purchase stores.

    Because we provide a wide range of luxury types and conditions, many customers will sell a large number of different luxury handbags, wallets, or other luxury goods at one time. Our store locations are all based on customer convenience.

    At the same time, we also provide free WhatsApp quote services and 3 different ways to sell your luxury goods. We always provide excellent value for your luxury goods and trade them with cash on-site.

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    Eco Ring's green sense

    As our logo, the Green Leaf represents "Ecology", and the "Ring" in the middle represents the connection between the world and us.

    We place a high value on contributing back to society. The resources available to modern society are dwindling. We have always held the opinion that valuable objects should be reused and given new life.

    With our global network, all the handbags, clothing, shoes, and other goods that we purchased in Hong Kong will also be sold to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and other regions. We are determined to find new homes for every item and strive toward zero waste.

    Additionally, we think businesses ought to take on social responsibilities. As a result, we help to achieve the SDGs by putting the statement into practice. In 2021, we attained B-Corp status. Being one of the select few Japanese businesses to achieve B-Corp certification and make a positive impact on society is an honor.

    At the same time, we are also donating some of the purchased items that have not reached the sales standard to charitable organizations, such as the The Salvation Army and Green Ladies every month. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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