Double Promotion Campaign for Black Friday (Discount in eShop orders & win Venchi $200 ice cream coupon in Facebook) 2020-11-06

Black Friday is coming~~ Eco Ring launches double promotion campaign: 5%~10% off for eShop orders & share EcoRing eShop shopping experience in Facebook to have a chance to win Venchi $200 ice cream coupon❗️

Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign 2020-10-01

Answer question and win Shopping Coupon of Eco Ring e-Shop!!  

Have a opportunity to win HKD200 DON DON DONKI HONG KONG shopping coupon 2020-09-07

Like+ Share+ Answer questions! Have a opportunity to win HKD200 DON DON DONKI HONG KONG shopping coupon!

[2020.08.31] Resume self pick up service for e-Shop 2020-08-28

Self pick up service is resumed from 31 Aug 2020 for e-Shop.  Please check the following details:

[1 August 2020] New arrangement of e-Shop delivery and reply under COVID-19 2020-07-24

Due to the severe situation of COVID-19, we adopt work from home policy from 1 Aug 2020 until further. Please refer to the below arrangements for delivery and reply to inquiry

[Important notice] Original IG account is hacked 2020-07-22

The original IG account of Eco Ring Hong Kong Limited is hacked and the account name is changed to "ardensrill_0_arlenz8d".  We are currently unable to get back the control of this account.  Please do not reply to any messages from the account and do not pay to this account. We have opened a new IG account with the name of "". Please check here for any updates.


From 1 July 2020 ~ 31 July 2020, Eco Ring e-Shop is launching Summer Sale! Want to buy with a special price? Click here

Introduce new friend to gain HKD1,200 cash coupon in total 2020-06-19

【Like+Share+Tag 5 friends  To gain HKD1,200 shopping coupon in total】 Because of the influence of COVID-19, it is believed that you feel so bored that no travel is allowed and need to work from home. Summer is coming! It is time to dress yourselves up and enjoy going out. Now, only 3 steps then you can gain HKD1,200 shopping coupon in total of Eco Ring e-Shop! (Event held from 22 Jun 2020 to 15 Jul 2020)

Happy Father's Day Promotion (today until 30/6) 2020-06-16

Eco Ring e-Shop is launching "Happy Father's Day" promotion. You can buy a gift to father 

Prevention measures of COVID-19 2020-06-15

Eco Ring HK maintains the existing prevention measures of COVID-19 in order to help control the epidemic and let customers have confident to use our purchase services.

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